Quality and certificate

Quality, to wich you can rely on

In Hanoju, we are careful about the best quality- for the wellness of our consumers and nature protection.

All capsules and tablets are free of artificial additives. We do not use dyes, flavorings and preservatives. Capsule shells are made of 100% from cellulose plant.
Therefore, our food supplements are best suited for persons with allergies, sensitive persons, and vegetarians.

In Hanoju you get many products from certified organic quality, and there is always more. Most of our juices are 100% pure juices. These juices are pressed in the origin country of ripe fuit and bottled slowly. Our relationship with farmers and traders in the producing countries have grown over many years. Moreover, we maintain a trusting and familial relationship with our suppliers.

PZN (assigned pharmacentral number)


The HANOJU noni juice has its own noni juice approval. Extracts that you purchase from us are highly pure and several times more concentrated. We offer high quality, effective and great-tasting products of the highest quality combined to surprisingly low prices

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