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Our service for dealers: well Boundless.
Our satisfied customers included companies from all over Europe. We are glad to answer to your wishes. For instance, when it is about packaging sizes or about your products labels. Just tell us what you use.

Our range of product included food complements from the entire world. By buying, we place great value on quality - so you and your customers are satisfied. Among our suppliers, we maintain for many years a grown trusting relationship that goes beyond the business side. To get quality products at comparatively low prices.

Organic quality with convincing price-performance ratio
Original HANOJU is a pioneer when it is about our range of organic products. We carry aloe vera juice, noni juice, chlorella, spirulina and the coveted Gojibeere in certified organic quality.

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Good things from nature. Good for allergy sufferers and vegetarians.
Original Hanoju food complements are 100% vegetarians. The shells of our capsules are made from cellulose plant. Also, our tablets are purely vegetable and well tolerated, since they are non-irritating,
free from added sugar, gluten or artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

The best for your customers
Instead of simple powder we offer concentrated extracts for added impact. Maca, Goji and Medicinal Mushrooms Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake available as potent extract which is obtained in a long process.

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