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HANOJU Germany Your shop for healthy food supplement with over 600 products - such as Noni juice, organic maca, goji berries, bitter apricot seeds and more.

On these pages you will find delicious exotic juices such as Aloe Ferox, Aloe Vera, Açaí premium juice, Gojisaft, Mangosteen Juice, Noni Pure and mixed or popular Yumberry premium juice. Furthermore, in the offer, chlorella, Spiruline, AFA algae, barley grass and wheat grass, Bitter Apricot Kernels and much more. Find out about herbs Vitasan, Maca Root, about medicinal mushrooms and microalgae. Even the classic dietary supplements such as bio maka, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids or amino acids, please contact us at Hanoju-Shop.de.

Health, Beauty and palatability enjoy - at best completely natural. HANOJU is a pioneer in organic products. We bio comes first. Whether you Aloe Vera Juice from us or Noni juice refer, Bio - Maca - or Organic Chlorella tablets, we supply many of our products in certified organic quality. Our products are top quality high quality and effective. Try our juices, Goji juice , goji berries or apricot kernels. Experience for yourself how first-class quality serves flavor and aroma. Our juices are mostly one hundred percent pure juices. In the country of origin producers compress it from ripe fruits and fill it off gently.

Our products do any good, especially allergy sufferers and vegetarians. Cases and capsules of the original HANOJU supplements are one hundred percent vegetarian. The compacts are purely vegetable. Since we can make our barren organic products without added sugar, gluten, artificial flavoring and coloring and preservatives, they are well tolerated. Whether we Organic Maca, organic Spirulina Acai - extract Chia - seeds hyaluronic or pomegranate juice offer, we know where the raw materials. For many years we already maintain close contacts with the producers and families. Thus we ensure that we always provide you with excellent quality. Our grown over many years, trusting relationships with suppliers have another advantage: They make very good price-performance ratio of our products possible .

Healthy life across the board - with the original HANOJU products you manage this easily. Enjoy the fresh exoticism our juices. Strengthen beyond perceptible vitality, such as our Noni or organic Maca this code products. The Maca plant with its vitality promoting effect is a secret for the health conscious and athletes. We provide you with Maca Maca tablets and powder as a concentrated extract. Therefore, our maca products are highly effective. For our Maca-premium products, we only use the yellow, high quality Maca from the highlands of the Peruvian Andes. The Maca roots from which we can produce the extracts derived from controlled organic cultivation.

HANOJU is your partner in health with enjoyment as well as natural vitality and beauty. We are happy to be there for you if you have any questions about our products and offers - your Bio Shop .

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